Geoff Glynn

Geoff Glynn is widely recognised as being a Poker Machine Specialist across the New South Wales Hotel Sector.

Over 10% of all Sydney based Hotels currently use his Consultancy services on a regular basis

This web site contains corroborating statements and testimonials offered by many well recognised hotel owners who have witnessed first-hand his results, being simply astonished with the improvement in gaming performance using Geoff’s services.


Please select from any one of the 5 actual gaming reports within the 5 examples to answer how many if any these Hotels can improve with the addition of new machines and what is the projected increase in revenue of those selected.


I have known and recommend, Mr Geoff Glynn for many years, his industry knowledge and expertise are unrivalled. If you require experienced gaming advice with results to match. I am confident his advice will see an increase in gaming profitability and venue value.
Murray Gilchrist: Gilchrist Business Brokers