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Privacy Policy.

The Company and author will at all times treat all information between the Subscriber /registration applicant and the author of the review in a confidential manner and not disclose any information to any other 3rd Party.

Venue Alterations and changing Trading Conditions

The review does not take into account, nor does it make any recommendations regarding any introduction or alterations to an existing or proposed smoking solutions or Hotel renovations, nor any changes in trading hours, future trading conditions or attempting to assess Industry trends nor any Hotel redevelopment opportunities, or any neighbourhood expansion plans which are all variables outside the limitation and parameters of the review which may distort and adversely affect its findings and recommendations.

Confirmation of Variables outside the Review.

The subscriber acknowledges that the review is provided on a good faith basis and is limited by external conditions and possible changes that may affect a Hotel at any time. The review is based on past data sourced from a Hotel to form an assessment and offer an expert opinion based upon the authors past experience and subscriber acknowledges as such may have limitations.


The subscriber acknowledges and agrees that the provision of this review is based upon a Hotels prior consent to the supply of the Hotels performance data by using the Hotels Maxgaming login and Password which the subscriber has provided at the time of their request for such service.

Limitation of Liability.

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Licensing requirements.

The review does not take into account any licensing requirements or restrictions regarding the movement of gaming machines under various schemes such as PME ‘s Poker Machine Entitlement transfers or Permit transfer schemes as subscribers are required to source their own advice and information and to contact their legal advisor relating to such matters.