After researching some of the bigger gaming operators in Sydney I learnt that many of them are consulted by Geoff Glynn. We then planned our new room with Geoff and purchased a new fit out, I can’t wait to see the results we achieve. The knowledge of what machine to buy in which format has also saved us an incredible amount of money. I believe my figures will show Geoff Glynn helped us on both spectrums of gaming, reducing our purchase costs of new hardware and increasing our turnovers.
Jeff Callaghan, Pedens Hotel Cessnock

I am writing this letter in recommendation of Geoff Glynn's gaming consultancy services. We engaged Geoff about 1 year ago and have had good results. He is always professional and great value for money. Geoff knows the industry well and will improve the results in your venue.
Mark Duggan,Duggan Family Hotels Pty Ltd.

We first engaged Geoff in 2013 as an independent observer of our gaming performance as a group. Sure, we have a gaming manager but its very hard to deliver an unbiased clear appraisal of yourself looking from within. The opportunities identified then morphed into a secondary engagement of Geoff and that was to quantify the opportunity, establish a ROI and table the downside of inaction. This expedited the process as sometimes as operators we get caught up with emotion, an experience at that particular hotel or spending time on the newest venue when the opportunity is with something you've had a while thats gone full cycle. All this gave us a secondary kick after the hardware/renovation uplift has plateaued. Geoff's longevity in the industry is without pier. The exposure he gives you to tech advances and best pricing means his services are covered well before the added turnover kicks in. I have no problem recommending Geoff for all things gaming and will continue to use him going forward"
Ned (Rodney) Kelly ,Kelly & Co Hotels.

I am delighted to provide this testimonial for Geoff Glynn and his innovative new service Pub Assist on Line. Geoff has a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge which, to my observation, is unmatched in the Industry.
Geoff closely follows all hotel gaming trends and is closely attuned to all variables which affect gaming performance. No doubt this is what makes Geoff the go-to guy for maximising the gaming performance of hotels.
I have referred several of my clients to Geoff, to take advantage of Geoff’s commercial acumen. He offers objective, impartial advice with the client’s best interests in mind.
I look forward to referring many more clients to Geoff.
Tony Hatzis, Solicitor-Director, Hatzis Cusack Lawyers Liquor and Gaming Specialists.

Geoff Glynn is a whiz with the mystical world of poker machine performance. I recently experienced a 40% increase in turnovers, after he showed me a mathematical analysis of the performance e of a room and made adjustments to the machines accordingly. I wish I could do that in all my pubs and their various depts..
Patrick Gallagher CEO Gallagher Hotel Group, MD GHM Group of Companies President of the Australian Chapter of Irish Pubs Global Delegate to AHA (NSW)

We have been using Geoff Glynn for almost 2 years and have found the advice and reporting to be of great benefit to the business. Not only is Geoff a great guy, very approachable his knowledge of the gaming machine industry is second to none. I would have no problem recommending Geoff to any business with EGMs to improve your overall gaming performances.
Daniel Burke ,Northside Hotel Albury NSW.

I have no hesitation in recommending the professional, independent consulting services of Geoff Glynn to other hoteliers who are focused on gaming room improvements. Whether it be a one off review of operations or a more regular analysis of gaming data, Geoff can put a strategy in place with clear objectives to optimise your rooms potential. This advice need not be solely focused on gaming machines, but may also address the look and feel of the room, service levels and the ambiance created, to ensure the customer experience is a great one.
Justin M Aitken Bar Broadway Sydney NSW

Geoff Glynn has been our Gaming advisor for the past 8 years both here at the Zetland Hotel and when we owned the Royal Exhibition Hotel in Surry Hills. His knowledge of the Hotel and Gaming industry is indeed extensive. It is very refreshing to be advised by a consultant who actually looks at the gaming products from your, the operators perspective, trying to gain the maximum return on your investment across the board, with no prejudice to any one manufacturer. In closing, I have no hesitation in recommending Geoff Glynn. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at the above or on my mobile number +61 408-839-989
Nigel Marsh Licensee/Director Zetland Hotel Green Square

My business connection with Geoff Glynn has been as his Insurance Broker for over 19 year period both as a Hotelier and Profession Indemnity as advisor to the Hotel Industry. During that time I can attest to his integrity and honesty together with his desire to dot all I's and cross all t's in his business operations which indicates his compliance levels are extremely higher than required. I have no hesitation in supplying all enquirers with specific attributes that I see in conducting of his business affairs.
Terry Carr NSW Hospitality Manager Asset Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd.

I have known and recommend, Mr Geoff Glynn for many years, his industry knowledge and expertise are unrivalled. If you require experienced gaming advice with results to match. I am confident his advice will see an increase in gaming profitability and venue value.
Murray Gilchrist: Gilchrist Business Brokers

I have known Geoffrey Glynn for the last 14 years. During this time I have found him to be totally honest. He has thorough knowledge of the gaming industry and with a flair for identity & future trends. I would urge any hesitant future client to avail themselves of his services.
Mal Scott Federal Hotel Wellington, New South Wales

I have no hesitation in recommending Geoff Glynn as consultant when discussing gaming in respective hotels with clients. My experience with Geoff goes back to the introduction of poker machines to hotels and he has continued to update and refresh his knowledge with regard to room layouts, technical data, performance analysis, link relevance etc. Geoff’s assistance and expertise has proved to be of great value.
Mike Wheatley Director, Hotels Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd

My name is Bill Gravanis and together with my brother Mario own a Group of Hotels under the banner of Oscars Hotels. They include Stratton’s Hotel Sydney CBD, Hotel Sweeney’s Sydney CBD, Bar Century Sydney CBD, Southern Cross Hotel St Peters, Bankstown Hotel Bankstown, Oscars Sports Hotel Bankstown, Court Tavern Campbelltown, Towradgi Beach Hotel, Wollongong, Camperdown Hotel, Camperdown, Sunnybrook Hotel Warwick Farm and The Belvedere Hotel in the CBD,

I have no hesitation having known Geoff Glynn for over 30 Years and who has advised me and my brother over this time since our first Hotel at St Peters in regards to the operation of poker machines. He is the person I trust with Poker machine advice.
Bill Gravanis, Oscars Hotels Group

Pelathon Management Group operates 8 EGM rooms of various sizes and serving multi demographics throughout NSW and Queensland.

We have found Geoff's services extremely invaluable when both looking at redeveloping our gaming rooms but also their ongoing performance and growth .Gaming rooms are interesting beasts if you get it right they are the most profitable and some would say the most robust part of the business mix. This outcome does not happen by chance and Geoff Glynn has been an important part of making this part of the business mix successful .In particular our installations of the max gaming state wide links have proven a winner throughout our estate.

I would recommend to all organisations big and small to trust in Geoff's experience and common gaming room sense to steer your room to a path of reaching its full potential.
Jaz Mooney MD Pelathon Management Group

As Hotel Licensee over the past 15 years I have had dealings with Geoff Glynn on many occasions in the role as our Gaming Consultant. I have always found Geoff to be extremely efficient reliable, honest and dependable. It has been a pleasure to liase with him over this time. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Bob Stewart Hotel Coronation Hotel, Park Street Sydney.

I engage Geoff Glynn on a full time consultancy basis at the Gunyah Hotel Gunyah. He looks after all my gaming needs and sets out all my new machine purchases when he tells me the time is right. I have used Geoff for over 2 years now and have seen my pokies go up this year at over 20% and my cash is up over 24%. I would recommend Geoff for his gaming knowledge and selection of the right machines and games which I have today in my Hotel and which are all working.
Jason Hetherington Gunyah Hotel Gunyah

This testimonial is a pleasure to write because Geoff is a true “ poker machine whisperer”. His knowledge within the gaming industry is second to none, and using Geoff’s services it is like having extra machine on the floor. He takes the unknown and guess work out of purchasing new machine and fills holes in your gaming venue so that your yield is at a premium.
Colin Parras Peach Tree Inn Hotel Penrith

Geoff Glynn came to work his ‘magic’ on our two hotels only six months ago. We have been impressed with his ability to explain ‘the science’ to us, and to tweak our operations with his ability to analyse and improve what is actually going on in our gaming rooms.
Whilst we would not hesitate to recommend Geoff to others, we also want to keep him all to ourselves!
Margaret and Kelly Hargreaves (licensees)
The Shakespeare and Strawberry Hills Hotels Surry Hills